Sup nerd, we partyin like it's fuckin' 1995

Supporters of transhumanism, internet freedom, the cyberpunk ideology, and retro-futurism are welcome

/ T H E E N D / is closer than you think

Planning to get some fun little services up here for public use, invidious instance, git, mail, mastodon, etc.

Support decentralized projects, support anonymity, support an anarchic internet

Site Roadmap/Plans

Invidious (Clearnet)
Invidious (Onion)
Matrix (Clearnet)
Matrix (Onion)
Searx (Clearnet)
Searx (Onion)
IRC (Coming Soon)
IRC (Clearnet)
IRC (Onion)

Streaming (Coming Soon)
Streaming (Clearnet)
Streaming (Onion)
Git (Coming Soon)
Git (Clearnet)
Git (Onion)
Mail (Coming Soon)
Mail (Clearnet)
Mail (Onion)

Things To Read

Sorry for the slow progress, I'm a lazy drunk

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